Wednesday, October 6, 2010

JH English

I remember where I was when our
English teacher asked us to write our
first poem.
We lived on Whidbey Island
and she asked us to step outside of ourselves
See life from a different perspective.
Be a dog, a cat, or a fish.
See what they see,
Feel what they feel, be...
At first I thought she was crazy
But then I became a tree,
A whale, a bird and a wolf.
This was fantastic!
I remember when I changed my name
So I could share my poems and verse
With friends and strangers and
Not feel it was all of me on the page...
John Islander was born, my other self.
He still is.
Sometimes John and I will get together
And share stories from our past
Like our Junior High English teacher...
Thank you for creating us.. :-)


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