Thursday, November 12, 2009

Mountains On the Moon

(At play with my boys)

Why don't we play with the children
They need us more and more every day.
Why don't we give in to the child that's within.
Why take our shoes off at the door?

Why don't we fly around like airplanes
Use our thumbs and fingers as our bombs.
Why don't we lay down in the hut and move mountains.
When did my wife become the mom?

Why not be silly in the front yard
Have grass fights and I'll spray you with the hose.
God how I love getting wild with you
Man how this helps me vent my love.

Making forts on the canopy, blasting off into space,
Checking to see if we'll have food... cheese and crackers.
And then wondering what we'll have to do
In order to clear that ridge on the mountain’s of the moon.


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