Monday, June 7, 2010

Close To Your Heart

I want to tuck you in
I want to fold you in
my arms again,
I want to lock your body
and hold you - close to my heart...

Yea, close to my heart
where you can hear the pumping
beating sound,
Close to my heart, as the
blood thunders by through my veins -
Close to my heart -
to stay ...

I want what you want
if you want me,
My hearts been seeking
a love mate tonight,
I want to lock up your smile
and drink from its well,
And hold you close
I want you close to my heart -

I want the laughter that
falls from your mouth,
I want that fire behind your eyes,
Holding your deep inside of me..
I hold the lock where your
heart now could be
I hold the lock - but you
you hold the key --

So let me pull you close
as you gently rub on my skin.
Let me hold you close
unlock the door and
let me in...
Close to your heart
where I can hear the bumping
beating sound,
Close to your heart
as your blood it thunders
through your veins...
Close to your heart - to stay -.-

Karl W. Miller

1 comment:

  1. Holy Crap! You need to put a tune to this and send it to Austin!!!! Is this what you do at night when I'm snoring?!