Thursday, March 25, 2010

Love Has Gone

All day long, I've tried to write a song
to say the way I feel,
to somehow make it sound for real
without the need of breaking hearts.
And sometimes it seems that I can find the words to put together
to somehow make it sound a little better
to the ear
but then
I break down and cry
I remember, and my heart it dies
the pain comes rushing in
I try to start again but then
my eyes, they fill with tears
and I remember all those happy years
when you and I were one
and we both could tuch the sun with love
but now it all is gone
I wonder why it went away
I wonder why it didn't stay around
for just a while,
it used to make me smile...
and I see it, every now and then
it's like.. a long lost friend
you haven't seen in quite a while
oh I wonder where the love's gone in my world,
I wonder why the love has gone
in my world...?

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